NYSBC - New York Structural Biology Center

Renovations Update


People can work comfortably in the control room again...


...while the Krios#2...


...is having its electron source...

Krios#2 bare


SEMC Renovations Schedule as of 12/15/2016

Facilities Renovations

Week of 12/12
    Krios#3 build. Expected completion Q1 2017.
Week of 12/5
    Krios#3 arrives 12/3 or 12/4. Installation begins on 12/5.
Week of 11/7
    Installation of Krios#2 continues.
Week of 10/31
    HVAC completed.
Week of 10/10
    Krios#2 arrives.
Week of 10/3
    BioTWIN installation in Room #4.
Week of 9/5
    BioTWIN arrives.
Week of 8/22
    Possible installation of TMC table and wires for mag field cancellation system.
Week of 7/18
    Crane will arrive for the north roof.
Week of 7/4
    KHVAC upgrades have begun in the F20 area of the PARK building.
Week of 6/13
    6/13-14 TMC anti vibration table delivery and installation.

    Install wires for TMC magnetic field cancellation system.
Week of 6/6
    6/6-9 CRAC units arrive. Install in equipment room
      - Continue HVAC duct work. Most of the interior control room HVAC work should be completed by June 9th.
Week of 6/27
    The JEM1230 is being reassembled, and should be back in operation soon.

    Digging has commenced for the fourth pit.
Week of 5/23
    Continue Krios#2 pit excavation.
      - HVAC and microscopes down during work hours (morning - ~4pm).
    Chillers for 1230 and 2100 go down until July.
Week of 5/16
    HVAC cut and cap
      - No HVAC or microscopes for 2-3 days
    Start Krios#2 pit excavation.
      - HVAC and microscopes down during work hours (morning - ~4pm).
    Install CRAC units in equipment room
Week of 5/9
    Saw cutting for Krios#2 pit.
    All microscopes up.
      - The morning of 5/11 there will be a power shutdown, main power will be out for ~4 hours starting first thing in the morning. The emergency generator will be operational during the shutdown.
Week of 5/2
    Move JEM1230 so that room can be fitted with vibrations table for future high end instrument
      Start HVAC duct work.
    Start preparation of Krios#2 room (Acoustic pads come down, holes drilled in wall, etc.).
    All microscopes will be up.
Week of 4/11
    Decommission J3200 through end of April.