NYSBC - New York Structural Biology Center


Electron Microscopes

The microscopes are housed in specially built sound proof rooms, with each microscope placed on a concrete slab that extends to Manhattan bedrock or on a customized vibration table. This construction allows the instruments to be isolated from vibrations or other disturbances commonly found in the city. The walls are sand-filled to keep the rooms quiet. An air conditioning system with duct socks produces near laminar flow, and wall padding minimizes perturbations. The Krios and Helios rooms are additionally fitted with Electro-Magnetic isolation systems.

Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs)

Titan Krios 1

FEI Titan Krios#1

Falcon III

Titan Krios 2

FEI Titan Krios#2

Cs corrector
Phase plate
Falcon III
K2 + energy filter
(Q4 2016)

Titan Krios 3

FEI Titan Krios#3

Phase plate
Falcon III
K2 + energy filter
(Q1 2017)

F20 Microscope

FEI Tecnai F20



Tecnai T12 BioTWIN

(Q3 2016)

J1230 Microscope

JEOL 1230

Gatan CCD

Focused Ion Beam – Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM)

Light Microscope

Nanolab650 Microscope

FEI Helios 650

Nikon Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ti U

Epi-Fluorescence Module

Computational Resource


686 TB GPFS Parallel File System

Other instrumentation:

  • Plasma cleaner: Gatan Solarus Model 950
  • Plunge Freezers: Gatan CP3 Cryoplunge 3, FEI Vitrobot
  • High Pressure Freezers: Bal-Tec HPM 010 High Pressure Freezing Machine, Wohlwend HPF Compact 01
  • Evaporator: Cressington Carbon Evaporator
  • Ultramicrotome: Leica EM UC6