NYSBC - New York Structural Biology Center

SEMC Krios

SEMC is delighted to announce that due to the continued generosity of the Simons Foundation, we are in the process of installing an FEI Titan Krios microscope with a Falcon 2 camera (shortly to be upgraded to a Falcon 3). After renovating space to house the instrument, the instrument is being built, and once completed it will join the current lineup of instrumentation, including the four other transmission electron microscopes (JEOL 3200FSC/DE20, JEOL 2100F/K2, JEOL 1230/CCD, Tecnai F20/CCD), and a dual beam focused ion beam scanning electron microscope (Helios 650).


Moving the Helios

Moving the Helios

Digging the TMC Pit

Digging Vibration Table pit


Levelling the pit

Acoustic Paneling

Hanging the acoustic drop ceiilng


Moving the Krios

Moving the Krios


Building the Krios

Building the Krios


Raising the Accelerator

Watch the Build

(12/14/15 to 1/15/16)

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