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Getting Started

If you belong to an NYSBC-affiliated institution

You have access to both the instrumentation and staff resources of the cryo-EM facility at the NYSBC. If you are interested in embarking on an EM project at the Simons Electron Microscopy Center, please follow these steps:

Create a SEMC account for yourself with the following form: SEMC Account Registration for yourself. Note: You must create an account from a member institution IP address. Once created you may then log in from anywhere.

Register your project by using your SEMC credentials using the following form: EM Proposal Submission

Read the resources and capabilities of the Simons Electron Microscopy Center on this site: Considerations before beginning a project and Overview of EM Techniques.

Arrange a meeting with the SEMC staff ( and notify your institution’s Operations Committee Member

If you are a member of an affiliated institution, these MEMBER INSTITUTION SERVICES are covered by Annual Dues:

  • Advanced instrumentation and expertise for Electron Microscopy
  • Training in instrumentation and techniques, including accredited classes and individual instruction
  • Assigned, dedicated instrument time is part of consortium membership – there are no special fees beyond annual membership dues.
  • 2 grids clippings per day of Krios data collection. (Grids must be dropped off by Wednesday of the week before your scheduled session)

PLEASE NOTE: Annual dues do not cover the laboratory supplies and consumables you will need. 

Laboratory Supplies

You will need a variety of supplies and consumables. SEMC users are responsible for covering the cost of expendable supplies that they use. While there are supplies in the lab and we will do our best to be cooperative so that your project can continue to move forward, you SHOULD NOT ASSUME THAT THE SUPPLIES YOU NEED WILL BE AVAILABLE IF YOU RUN OUT OR DIDN’T BRING THEM WITH YOU. Sometimes the lab might not have what you need on that day.

What you will need: 

NYSBC-affiliated institutions and institutional representatives:

Institution Representative Email
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Hernando Sosa
City University of New York Reza Khayat
Columbia University Bob Grassucci
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Chris Lima

(Jason de la Cruz)


Mount Sinai School of Medicine Aneel Aggawal/Iban Ubarretxena
New York University Bill Rice
Rockefeller University

Seth Darst

(Mark Ebrahim)


Wadsworth Center Raj Agrawal/ Michael Marko
Weill Cornell Medical College David Eliezer