Appion Part 3 – Leginon-Appion-Protomo: Semi-Automated Fiducial-less Tilt-Series Collection, Alignment, and Sub-Tomogram Processing – December 6, 2018

This Workshop covers tilt-series collection in Leginon, fiducial-less tilt-series alignment within Appion with Protomo, and sub-tomogram averaging with Dynamo. With this knowledge you will be able to create de novo initial models for single particle projects that no reviewer can argue with after just 1 hour of collection or collect and process tilt-series of FIB/SEM lamella, and anything in between.  To find out when the next Appion Part 3 Workshop will be held,


2018-12-06T20:31:36+00:00December 6th, 2018|Past Events|