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SEMC COVID-19 Operation Plan

PDF of email notice sent to users March 20, 2020
PDF of email notice sent to users March 11, 2020

Policies effective starting March 20, 2020.

SEMC has ceased operations in response to NYSBC COVID-19 policies. Please note that there will be NO user access until further notice.

The Governor has extended New York State’s PAUSE (Policies Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone) orders. In response to this, the Simons Electron Microscopy Center will be closed for user onsite access until the situation becomes more clear. We will be in touch with our ramp-up plans in the coming weeks.

Any samples in the center will be stored until further notice. We have topped off our LN2 dewars and will keep your samples in storage for as long as possible. We are committed to doing our best to lessen the impact of these policy changes on your research.

You may email emg [at] for further details.

SEMC | May 20, 2020

General FAQ for SEMC operations in response to COVID-19

General hygiene practices upon arrival at SEMC

Until further notice there is no onsite user access to SEMC or NYSBC. There is restricted onsite access to staff and vendors.

NYSBC COVID-19 policies:

  • All people going to the center must be pre-registered with the center and the security guard
  • Stay home if ill or if members of your household are ill or showing symptoms
  • Inform us when you are onsite and when you leave as we need to practice social distancing and keep the numbers of staff/vendors on-site to a minimum 
  • Practice social distancing (6 feet minimum)
  • Wear a face covering that protects your nose and mouth
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially:
    • each time you enter NYSBC 
    • after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • Use hand sanitizers and wipes after touching common surfaces; throw out wipes right after using
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Cough or sneeze into elbow or tissue (to be disposed of immediately)
  • No handshaking
  • Use gloves when handling common reagents (e.g. buffers, enzymes, etc.) and immediately dispose of used gloves
  • Keep interior doors open to the extent practicable
  • Try to avoid touching door handles and other surfaces
  • Clean benches and common areas frequently with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • In your work area, before anything else, use disinfectant to wipe down any surfaces you will be touching, computer keyboard, bench top, etc.
  • Kitchen and NCCAT kitchen area are closed and may be accessed only to use the refrigerator (bring your own thermos for coffee, tea, etc.) 
    • Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down refrigerator before and after use
  • Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down water coolers before and after use
  • Use only designated bathrooms 
    • One lobby bathroom has been designated for use by security staff
    • One NCCAT bathroom has been designated for use by outside contractors
    • Use sanitizing wipes to wipe down bathroom before and after use
  • Upon leaving, wipe down those same surfaces


If you have been exposed to/diagnosed with COVID-19

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and visted the center, please notify health officials and emg [at] as soon as possible.