Cryo-EM data processing and information integration over the Web

Wednesday 8/24/2016
Prof. Jose-Maria Carazo
Spanish National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid, Spain

Cryo EM is nowadays a fundamental analysis tool in Structural Biology, with a very rapid increase rate in terms of new users coming to the field. As a way to minimize software usability barriers to the varied set of available image processing packages, we have developed Scipion (, a workflow-oriented software integration platform where flexibility, user experience, traceability and simplicity are key. Besides a classical desktop-oriented setting, Scipion is also cloud-based, providing not only a very simple way to use the software, but also a very clear computational cost model that can be used in multiple situations. Additionally, we also offer Scipion Web Tools (SWT), providing predefined analysis workflows over multiple software suites, with special emphasis on cryo EM map and model quality analysis ( Complementing SWT and following its same developmental rational, we link map and model results into an integrative and interactive environment for easy information exploration termed 3DBionotes (, now expanded to start accommodating genomics information.
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