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We invite you to visit these website to learn about national workshops and symposia:

15-19 February 2020  
64th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting 
San Diego, CA USA

CryoEM Subgroup Saturday session, biophysics-themed symposia and workshops
9-11 March 2020
PNCC Data processing workshop
Portland, OR USA
Pacific Northwest Center for CryoEM (PNCC) would like to offer a three-day hands-on training workshop for 10 trainees on introduction to Relion, cryoSPARC, and cisTEM held at PNCC between March 9-11th 2020. Students will gain experience processing test dataset or their own PNCC datasets using this state-of-the-art software. Students do not require any pre-existing knowledge of cryo-EM 3D reconstruction, but familiarity of terminal sessions and unix command lines is required.
16-20 March 2020
Understanding Biology Through Structure 2020 
Santa Fe, NM USA
Forum promoting interactions between junior and senior researchers and highlighting recent results in cryo-EM and crystallography.
Registration deadline March 16
18-21 March 2020
4th International Conference on Cryo-3D Image Analysis  
Lake Tahoe, CA USA

Technical discussions of state of the art image analysis approaches and algorithm developments to tackle challenging biological problems and to identify current limitations in the field.
22-24 March 2020
From 3D Light to 3D Electron Microscopy. 5th edition
London, United Kingdom
The Electron Microscopy Science Technology Platform at the Francis Crick Institute and ZEISS Microscopy, are proud to host the 5th joint workshop and symposium on Correlative Microscopy and volume EM. The whole meeting is centered on scientific sessions covering a broad range of correlative workflows, encompassing sample preparation, volume imaging, data management, visualization and analysis. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to join instrument workshops and round table discussions and can learn more about special topics at talk tables supported by CLEM experts from ZEISS.
23-25 March 2020
S2C2 Cryo-EM Specimen Preparation and Data Collection Workshop 
Stanford-SLAC, Menlo Park, CA USA
Short format training workshop with lectures and practice sessions.
23-24 March 2020
Astbury Conversation 2020
Leeds, UK
Whether you are a researcher wanting to know about the latest developments, or you are simply interested in learning more about the hidden – but fascinating – world of macromolecules, the Astbury Conversation will give you an insight into life in molecular detail.
6-18 April 2020
PNCC Microscope Operation Workshop
Portland, OR USA
A hands-on sample preparation, microscope operation, daily alignments, user interface, SerialEM and EPU training for automated data collection. This course is focused on getting users independent on microscope operation for single particle studies. Open to all.
27-29 April 2020
CCP-EM Spring Symposium
Nottingham, United Kingdom
The conference aims to provide a forum to highlight state of the art developments in computational cryoEM and relatedthemes as well as showcasing outstanding recent biological applications.
12-16 May 2020
Keystone Symposia, Cryo-EM for Health Science
Stockholm, Sweden
The meeting will cover a variety of topics from important drug target molecules and gene regulatory molecular machines to subcellular organelles and whole cell structures, from basic mechanisms to drug development, from experimental tools to computational algorithms. Besides the lecture talks, we also plan to organize one or two workshops aiming at introducing the most cutting-edge software packages of CryoEM and drug discovery.
7-11 June 2020
Cryo-EM Workshop 2020: “I have my data set – now what?”
Ann Arbor, MI United States
The University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute will lead its third annual cryo-electron microscopy workshop in June to introduce participants to common image processing software packages.
8-10 June 2020
S2C2 Cryo-EM Image Processing Workshop 
Stanford-SLAC, Menlo Park, CA USA
Short format training workshop with lectures and practice sessions.
15-17 June 2020
8th NovAliX Conference Biophysics in Drug Discovery 2020
Boston, United States
Developing the Synergy between Biophysics and Medicinal Chemistry to Deliver Better Drugs
Advances in Cryo-EM : Micro-ED, Sample Optimization and Grid Preparation
21-26 June 2020
GRC: Visualizing Biological Complexity Across Scales in 3DEM 
Castelldefels, ES The 2020 Gordon Research Conference on Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy will celebrate its 35th year of existence, by continuing the tradition of highlighting the best of cutting-edge research in 3DEM. Application deadline May 24
26-31 July
Diffraction Methods in Structural Biology. Gordon Reserach Conference
Lewiston, ME United States
Steering Methods Toward Overcoming the Most Difficult Challenges in Structural Biology
*Speaker: Anchi Cheng (New York Structural Biology Center, USA)
2-6 August 2020
Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting (M&M 2020) 
Milwaukee, WI USA
Multiple Sessions, tutorials, and symposia related to 3DEM
2-7 August 2020
American Crystallographic Association 2020 Annual Meeting 
San Diego CA USA
Workshops on Crystallographic and Cryo-EM Structure Solution with Phenix, Fundamentals of Single Particle CryoEM, and sessions sponsored by the ACA Cryo-EM Special Interest Group. Registration required, early registration (lower fees) ends March 31
19-22 August 2020
Electron Crystallography School – 3D Electron Diffraction/MicroED Bridging Small Molecule and Macromolecular Crystallography
Tabor, Czech Republic
School on 3D electron diffraction/MicroED techniques and how to apply them for structure determination of nano/microcrystals too small for X-ray diffraction. The topics will cover inorganic compounds, pharmaceutics and proteins. It includes both lectures and practical sessions.
22-30 August 2020
General Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography 25 
Prague CZ

Sessions on validation of cryoEM structures and maps , and cryoEM for macromolecules from single particles to microcrystals. Registration required, early registration (lower fees) ends May 15
30 August 2020
Cryo-EM and its role in understanding translation 
New York NY USA

A symposium honoring Joachim Frank on his 80th birthday. Registration required, deadline is May 31
9-11 September 2020
2nd Princeton-Nature Conference: Frontiers in Electron Microscopy for the Physical and Life Sciences
Princeton,  NJ
Website and details TBA
13-16 September 2020
9th International Conference on Electron Tomography 
Egmond aan Zee, NL

The conference will highlight the latest developments in the field of tomography.
25-28 October 2020
Keystone GPCR Signaling Drug Discovery – Modeling from Molecules to Cells
Shanghai, China
In this symposium, we will combine imaging across the scales as it applies to drug discovery, from molecular to cellular to organ level, with an example focus on GPCRs. Data integration across the scales, underpinned by varied types of modeling, is one of the most challenging areas of both basic and applied science today, and the focus of many of the top labs around the world.
2-5 February  2021
Keystone Meeting: Frontiers in Cryo-Electron Microscopy 

Banff, AB CA
Meeting aims to bring together leaders who are defining the new frontiers of cryo-EM and future leaders who are rapidly beginning to adopt this new discipline and will likely drive future innovations in the coming decades.