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The Winter-Spring 2022 EM Course

About the course Electron microscopy in combination with image analysis is increasingly powerful in producing 3D structures of individual molecules and large macromolecular complexes that are unapproachable by other methods. This [...]

Appion Part 2: 3D Reconstruction

This Appion Part 2 Workshop is a follow-on to the Part 1 workshop and focuses on 3D initial models and refinement. The next Appion Part 2 Workshop will be held Winter [...]

Past Events

Workshop on graphene grids for cryoEM

Accessible and robust methods for preparing high-yield monolayer graphene grids for cryo-EM could significantly alleviate issues with grid preparation. The graphene grid making approach employed and published recently (Han, Fan et [...]

Appion Part 1 – Basics and 2D Single Particle Analysis

The Appion Part 1 Workshop provides hands-on training for the Appion single-particle data processing workflow. Appion is a “pipeline” for processing and analysis of EM images; it is integrated with Leginon [...]

Holey Gold Grid Making Workshop

The next Gold Grid Making workshop will be held:   November 15, 20211:00pm-4pm   SEMC will hold a practical workshop, which provides an overview of making holey gold foils from holey [...]

VitroJet: Bridging the Gap in Sample Prep

Giulia Weissenberger, MScApplication Engineer, CryoSol World12:00 PM Tuesday, October 15 Through many exciting developments, cryo-electron microscopy (EM) has become a powerful method to elucidate 3D structures of macromolecular complexes. This knowledge provides valuable insight [...]

The Winter-Spring 2020 EM Course

General registration for the 2020 winter course is closed. If you registered for this course through your institution's registrar (with a cutoff in January), then please let us know as we [...]