Imaging Beyond Physical Dimensions

Thursday 1/14/2016
Palash Gangopadhyay
College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona

Multimodal microscopy is a field of technology attempting to understand every aspect of the imaging chain, from the crossroads of various fundamentals to the evaluation of acquired images. In multimodal imaging, the combined morphofunctional information from different measurements can be approached either by acquiring images at different times (asynchronous) and fusing them, or by acquiring images simultaneously (synchronous). The best solution is by synchronous image acquisition.

In this talk we will address synchronous multimodal atomic force microscopy imaging developed for mapping buried nanoscale objects as well as a multiphoton microscope that allows capture of 1, 2, and 3 photon 3D images simultaneously. We will also discuss a new noninvasive fiber optic magnetic field imaging technique that can map heart and brain functions in real time with high spatio-temporal resolution by synchronous multimodal imaging with MRI and EEG.

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