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Chameleon Access: Member institution guidelines for application

Chameleon is a commercial prototype of the Spotiton robot which provides a novel method for vitrifying samples for cryoEM.  NYSBC member institutions may apply for access to the system by completing a short application as described below. Successful applicants will be provided with staff assisted access to the Chameleon for a half day exploratory study. During this time, grids will be prepared using Chameleon and examined on a screening microscope.

For more information on whether or not your sample needs Chameleon, please click here.

Please email your application to 

PART I. Project description

Describe current issues with your sample (e.g. preferred orientation, thick ice, falling apart, won’t go into the holes, etc.) Please provide supporting evidence that would help us evaluate your problem such as (e.g. negative stain/cryoEM images, 2D/3D classes, Euler angle distributions, etc.)

PART II. Sample requirements

Make sure your sample meets these criteria:

    Acceptable Recommended
Concentration   0.5–5 mg/ml 2 mg/ml
Glycerol   0–10 % No glyclerol
Detergent   As low as possible No detergent
Stability   1 hour at RT 4+ hours at RT
Volume   10 µl 25 + µl


Part III. Sample technical details

Provide the following information about your sample:

  1. Name of macromolecule/complex
  2. Molecular weight and symmetry  
  3. Storage buffer
  4. Ligands/binding partners in sample
  5. Sample storage conditions
  6. Current plunge freezing protocol including: 
    • Grid type
    • Glow discharge protocol
    • Sample concentration
    • Pre-plunge preparation protocol (e.g. incubation, adding ligands etc.)
    • Plunge freezing protocol