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Pathway to being an independent cryoEM researcher

A critical part of being a member of the SEMC community is being able to be able to not only learn about cryoEM techniques and best practices, but leading your research project. To best utilize the resources at SEMC we encourage our users to be independent users of the facility. Towards that goal we have a certification program to allow you to independently make use of the resources at the center.

Core equipment

The equipment and areas that users may test for independence includes sample preparation and screening microscopes.

Negative stain bench.

Solarus glow discharger.

Vitrobot Mark IV.

Leica EM GP.

J1230 screening microscope.

F20 screening microscope.


  • ¬†Users that are not currently independent and would like to qualify for independence a reference from the affiliate institution will be required before requesting a test for independence.
  • For your reference below are the certification checklists and manuals for the major capital equipment.
  • Typically users should demonstrate to 2-staff members competence and proficiency.
  • To schedule for a certification test you may email emg [at] .

Training videos

TF20 Leginon tutorial video

TF20 tutorial video