SEMC Forum – Implementing the Tsinghua Pipeline to Join the Structural Revolution

Lorenzo Ihsan Finci Ph.D.
Yigong Shi Laboratory
Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology
Tsinghua-Peking Joint Center for Life Sciences, School of Life Sciences
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
12:00 PM Thursday, August 16th

Recent technological advancements in single particle cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) are leading to the elucidation of near-atomic structures of protein complexes and are responsible for the current “resolution revolution”. The prospect that cryo-EM can determine near atomic resolution structures is transforming the landscape of structural biology and the potential application to drug discovery is tantalizing. The advent of single particle cryo-EM has provided a breakthrough in deciphering many of the various spliceosomal complexes at atomic resolution. In this presentation, I briefly outline the implementation of the Tsinghua Pipeline for cryo-EM at the Beijing Advanced Center for Structural Biology and explore the utilization of single particle cryo-EM as an emerging tool for the study of protein-ligand interactions that will facilitate drug discovery, focusing on the spliceosomal complex SF3b core bound to the splicing modulator E7107 at 3.95 Å


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