SEMC Forum – Robust automated alignment of tilt series for cryo-electron tomography in Dynamo – Oct. 18, 2018

Paula Pérez Navarro
C-CINA, Biozentrum, University of Basel
12:00 PM – Thursday, October 18
Main Seminar Room, New York Structural Biology Center

With the advent of modern technologies for cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET), high-quality tilt series are more rapidly acquired than processed and analyzed. Thus, a robust and fast automated alignment for batch processing in cryo-ET is urgently needed. While different software packages have made available several approaches for automated marker-based alignment of tilt series, manual user intervention remains necessary for many datasets, thus preventing high-throughput tomography.

Here, we have developed a MATLAB-based framework integrated in the Dynamo software package to automatically detect and track fiducial markers, that generates a robust alignment model with minimal input parameters. Combined with Dynamo repository, our new batching system for tilt series datasets, this approach allows high-throughput unsupervised volume reconstruction. This new module extends Dynamo with a large repertory of tools for tomographic alignment and reconstruction, as specific visualisation browsers and localized reconstruction systems, enabling users to rapidly assess the biological relevance of the dataset. Our alignment approach has been successfully applied in a broad range of datasets (~200) of highly diverse biological samples such as reconstituted proteins, intact bacterial cells, eukaryotic lamellas and purified organelles.


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